UNITS, short for UNIvirsal Transaction System, is the lifeblood of the Univirsal ecosystem. UNITS are used for interacting with applications, services and experiences within and outside of the Univirse. Holding UNITS will have rewards such as access to the Univirse Ring NFT Launch Whitelist, early releases, and other opportunities. UNITS will have increasing importance in the whole of the Univirse as it evolves, and will become integral in the economy surrounding it if the community wills it to be so.

UNITS is launched on the Ethereum (ERC-20) as well as the Polygon (Matic) Network, a sidechain implementation on Ethereum for higher throughput and cheaper transaction fees. For now, most of our blockchain applications will function on Polygon for better user experience with our network.

There will only ever be 21 Trillion total UNITS in circulation across all interlinked blockchains and sidechains. ERC20 fees will be higher, but will come with access to more liquidity and better network security guarantees. Polygon fees will be lower, but will come with higher throughput of transactions and network compatibility.

UNITS may be used in the future in unique applications to stake and earn Sub-Units (SUBS) which are in-game currency tokens with an inflationary economic base, but have such utility that they are continously used for various reasons within the Univirse, thereby also driving the total supply downwards.

UNITS will have multiple capabilities right from the beginning with its unique use as a Whitelisting technology for early access into the community. Using this functionality as a foundation, UNITS can start being used in more unique methods that also enable capabilitity, without having to complete on-chain transactions themselves (only signing for ownership verifications).

UNITS have been empowered with usage in mind, while also allow versatility, security, and access to global markets. From its initial use as an early access mechanism (Whitelist for Ring NFT Launch), to its continued use for Staking and Utility, the future holds many more capabilities for UNITS. UNITS may also be used in the future for collective decision making experiments, which are currently in research & development.