Each Univirsal Avatar is a unique generated NFT asset that will have utility across the Univirse. Use it as your Profile Picture (PFP) to show your dedication to the mission and your membership in the community. The first collection of Univirsal Avatars will all be Champion ranked, one of the highest tiers in the ecosystem. Initially a 3D perspective designed 2D PFP, each Univirsal Avatar will also become a native 3D file itself (glTF/glb Format), usable across multiple metaverses and experiences. Each Avatar also has many properties, making it versatile for multiple gaming environments and applications.

Use your Avatar to show membership in the community and as a marketing tool. Grow your network and meet like-minded individuals in the ecosystem, while also showing the world about your interests.

Each Avatar comes with multiple properties, sub-properties, appearance traits and other information, making them versatile for use across multiple services and gaming environments.

Use the Avatar in metaverse and gaming experiences, with compatible digital 3D files that can even be used in the creation of your own media.

Functionality is programmed in right from its DNA in each Avatar. Some properties may be useful in certain capabilities, while others more effective in differing scenarios.

Each Avatar comes with advanced properties that allow it to be versatile in interacting with different applications, services, games and other experiences. Over phases, the versatility of each Avatar will continue to increase.