The Ring is your access key to the Univirse. It is what you will use to participate in community channels. It is what you need to hold in order to summon your Avatar. It is what you will require to claim your Planet. It is what you will verify to access additional functionality and perks in the Univirse. The Ring is your membership in the community.

Use your Ring to access the private community Discord channels to connect with fellow Champions. It is also your key to other services and functionality within, and outside, of the Univirse.

Future phases will allow Ring holders to summon Avatars, and claim Planets within the Univirse. Other assets will also become available for access to Ring holders as they are released.

Use your Ring to access dApps and other blockchain enabled capabilities. The Ring will have perks that others may not, nad have higher tiers of functions available to its holders.

Coming phases will allow Ring holders to access blockchain enabled gaming options. These will be both direct blockchain based apps, and more capable digital environments.

Each Ring comes with basic utility to access the private Univirse membership community, and other capabilities. Over phases, the utility available to each Ring will continue to increase.